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 40 ANNIVERSARY 31 March 1974 – 31 March 2014
                                               Тhe founder General Choi Hond Hi 1918 - 2002 (on the left)
Senior Master Michael Misko Kordanovski VIII degree (on the right)

40th anniversary - 1974 – 2014

Master Michael Kordanovski was born in Republic of Macedonia in 1941.
As a child he was very active, as a student he was average but very good in sport. He left Macedonia to continue studying geology in  Istra, Croatia .   Unfortunately he did not finished the third year and on his  20th years of age, illegally left his country to Italy. After couple of months he returned back to his country, where he was sentenced for 10 weeks in jail, then in March 1963 he was taken to serve National Service in the Yugoslav Army. Michael was excellent soldier in any way, and he was sent to do a course and then he was promoted to Corporal and commanding officer.   
 In May 1996 he emigrated to Australia, as a family man, beside the work, he was a good soccer player, his fitness was extraordinary. On the 31 of March 1974  he began to study  Korean Martial art of Self Defence  with the First Pioneer and one of the Greatest Masters of the world, “Master Rhee Chong Hyup, under Rhee International Tae Kwon Do of Australia.” 
  Master Kordanovski was regular student all the way till his Master Rhee after four years, graded  Michael on his 36 years of age, to First Degree of B/B.  Master Rhee found out that, Michael had a great knowledge  of Tae Kwon Do, commanding and kept good discipline  he obtained capability to teach. Master Rhee gave him an authorization to open a school in the western suburbs of Melbourne – Australia, and for very short time he opened three dojangs under Rhee International Tae Kwon Do where he was very successful with the method of his Master Rhee teaching and performing.
Michael is second next to the wall.  Rhee International Taekwondo some of the members- 1977

The day of Michael`s grading to 4th Dan, by Master Rhee 1991- Melbourne
Through the hard training Michael achieved very skillful kicks and self defence techniques.
Michael says that, all of those techniques  are credit to his Great  Master RHEE  CHONG   
GHYUP and he is very thankful to his Master Rhee.

 Michael ( Misko ), here is when he was practicing every Sunday almost on his 50 yrs. of age.

Master Michael Kordanovski with a hard and regular training for his age achieved excellent foot techniques.

 Mr  Kordanovski`s dedication of  the Tae Kwon Do was stronger than anything in the world,  even though he was in pain for few years, did not stop training and teaching .  Unfortunately Michael left his beloved  master Rhee, at the end of 1995, because Mr Kordanovski wanted to meet  the founder of Tae Kwon Do and  his dreams came true, on the 4th of January 1996. He met the founder, General CHOI HONG HI in Brisbane – Australia, where Michael joined the I.T.F. On 5th, 6th & 7th of January 1996, where the General Choi  was hosted a seminar in Brisbane. On the 7th of January Michael  was graded to 5th Degree B/B, by General Choi Hong Hi.


   Michael Kordanovski for the first time met the F.G.M. Rhee and Michael attended two seminars hosted by the First Grand Master in the world, “ RHEE KI HA” with  the G.M. Paul Cutler . The first two days of the seminar in Melbourne and around 20th of May 2007, they went with the F.G.M. Rhee, G.M. Paul Cutler, Michael, Spiros Coriotis  Steven Lucksmoore to Gold Coast for another two days seminar where Michael Kordanovski was graded to a Master Rank of VII Degree. Master Kordanovski was very happy that being graded by the F.G.M. Rhee, and that time Michael found out that he is  the first Macedonian in the world, holding a master rank of VII Dan B/B/ with ITF.

On 16th of March 2002, Michael Kordanovski was graded           by the G.M. Leon Wey Meng to 6th Degree B/B.                         

Macedonian timeline will publish Michael's story in 3 parts.

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