Saturday, December 31, 2016


In the glare of the sun rays

New Holiday is born again.

A tireless traveler walks in boldly

arrived  in an unknown country for him

he welcomes passersby with a  secret smile,

He hurried to the hill and cherry woods.

Travels through the cities and villages

Marveled the whole of Macedonia.

Like a beautiful necklaces, endless memories queuing up

Tired he sat by the fireplace

Flames of hopes and dreams,

in the face of  the icon

Oh what is my fate!

Outside the restless river is bubbling and flowing,

This is  your destiny traveler,

It's fate that will always haunts you

and brings you back.

But, very far there is a little heart

springs with great pure love infinitely

Touches with tenderness and God's blessing,

Wipes tears, fulfills wishes

you can hear a festive song 

Messages and wishes for every soul

Kindness, sincerity and honesty

joy  and eternal happiness to reign in the world.

Be joyful and happy in this moment

Merry Christmas and Happy New year !

Author: Gordana Dimovska

Macedonian timeline

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