Friday, March 3, 2017


Memories and tears
They are here, they are coming,
 but don’t bring light in the day
They fade away, they disappear
Like a  smoke
Like a steam
They are gone the wind,
They are lost in an unknown direction
Where you can not bring them back from,

In the direction where you can’t see them
Because they are not clear
They are filled with worries….

There, there are more coming in the dark night,
One after another, don’t slow down
They Whisper secrets in the sleepless nights
Like a purest drops of the morning dew
They roll over the face
Like a waves touching, padding your hair
They wake you up and cheat in the early dawn
They travel slowly
through the past, through the storms and lights
through joy and sorrow of your peaceful soul.

Do not be afraid,
They not going to stay forever,
They are going already,
They say farewell to every sad
And  every happy moment.

They Tremble and cry
Find it difficult to day goodbye
 Like a mother mourning for her child,
Memories, they are far from your heart now.

And you are all alone again…

Author: Gordana Dimovska

Macedonian timeline

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