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Macedonian nation has a long and tumultuous history  that has gone through all sorts of ordeal, the most difficult challenges. They always fought for their own place under the sun, constantly fought for national freedom, for independence. Macedonia was like an eternal struggle between darkness and light, which is constantly transmitted from one generation to another. Each generation has struggled under different conditions and circumstances, but with different fates.

Ruthlessly implemented various methods of destroying the national consciousness of independence, the Macedonian people not to bow and not reconciled with the Ottoman rule and triple occupation. Always fought against the conquerors to preserve their identity, language, church, customs, tradition, ie, all tokens that mark as a separate Macedonian nation.

Today is unnecessary to emphasize that the Macedonians would never claim to conquer territories as do our neighbors. On the contrary, always fought and are fighting to preserve their identity and take its rightful place Europe and worldwide. Southern neighbor with the help of international and domestic pressure groups, supporters, made a successful propaganda to create a different image of our historical past. Still persistent in his intention to destroy the state and national name and reshape history.


The editor of the Times

Sir - While the Peace conference is occupied finding a solution to Balkan problems, two million Macedonians fear that you will find a satisfactory solution to the Macedonian question.

It happened once in the Balkans in 1914, when the spark occurred and the whole world  lit. Precarious situation in Macedonia is the main cause of conflict between the Balkan states. Our neighbors did everything possible to rule our unfortunate country and  unfortunate Macedonian people to become victims of their antagonism. We are not warlike people and we are not responsible for the mistakes of the Balkan diplomats in the past playing with the fate of Macedonia.

So please,  not to take into account the intrigues of Balkan diplomacy, and not allow the division of our country .- Rather, we seek annulment of the Treaty of Bucharest in 1913 and the establishment of an independent state under a protectorate of Great Powers . Such a radical solution would allow  free political and economic development of all residents in the country regardless of religion, race, language or religion.

Independent Macedonia as a bridge linking between these states and will find ways to establish a Balkan Confederation.

With the implementation of the principles of the Great Powers of the Entente, we in the General Council of the Macedonians in Switzerland and those in the U.S., accounting for an organized body of 50,000 young people, along with over 250,000 people in Macedonia, "which are also in a position to freely express their wishes of the majority of citizens ", we believe that the Supreme Court will bring a final solution to the Macedonian question. To realize such a solution, send the following requests to the peace conference:

First Due to intolerable worsening situation in Macedonia, we seek to send troops immediately from the composition of the major powers to end the suffering of our brothers and sisters, who moaned under the foreign yoke. At the same time and would guarantee the principle of self-determination through a plebiscite ..

Second, To enable the delegates to the Macedonians to come to Paris to express their wishes and demands before the conference.

Third To allow the return of Macedonian refugees scattered around the world in their native homes and opportunities for self-determination.

I firmly believe and are confident in the efforts of the signatories to the Peace Conference, that will implement a lasting peace in the Middle East that would be welcomed by Macedonia and we will be in your service forever.
General Council of the Macedonian community in Switzerland.
Professor Konstantin Stefanov

Gordana Dimovska
оригинално објавено во Македонска нација

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