Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Dear group admin team I am an author and small published based in the UK, and am putting together a book titled: What Women Really Want with a subtitle: And why men sometimes get it so wrong! Would any of your female members be interested in contributing? My plan is to have around fifty female writers from around the world contributing, and already have chapters from writers in the UK, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Australia, Qatar and Lebanon, and would love some contributions from writers based in Macedonia !!! The book starts with first name (or pseudonym) age, nationality and place of residence, as people living in different countries and cultures, and different ages think and feel very differently and have very different expectations and needs. And then writers will try to explore two main things in their own personal way; Firstly, everyone is different so what do you (the writer) personally really want in a man and in a relationship? Not just that though, but why are these things so important to you? Please be as detailed as you can. Secondly, and even more importantly, why you think some men get it so wrong?!?! From your experiences, what do men 'think' women want, and why? Compared to what you as a woman 'really' want, and why? And how and why, are these things sometimes so very different? Try to analyse and compare, using your own cultural differences and expectations too. There are no real guidelines; writers can write whatever they want and as much or as little as they want, but preferably not just a few lines, as that isn't particularly meaningful or helpful. A minimum word count of around 500 words, but no maximum. If writers have lots of thoughts and feelings and ideas about this subject, just write them down! But please be open and honest, this is the most important thing. Writers can be humorous / cheeky too, of course! Deadline ideally mid Aug. I can't pay writers though, with fifty or more writers, some writing 500 words and others 5000, it would be impossible, but if anyone is interested in this subject and fancies writing about it, then please ask them to contact me via FB if possible, or my email address is robinbarratt@ yahoo DOT com My website is RobinBarrattPublishing DOT com.

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